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For larger or multi-disciplinary projects, we team with a network of consultants with a broad range of expertise. The expertise of these associates includes wildlife, geology, archaeology, paleontology, soil science, hydrology, socio-economics, cartography, GIS, and risk assessment. Each of these associate consultants is a member of the team only when their specific expertise is required, assuring an extensive range of knowledgeable specialists, while keeping costs low. This cooperative teamwork approach works because every team member, including the client, is treated with professionalism and respect for their unique contribution of knowledge and expertise. Open communication among team members ensures project success and timely completion. We have been working with our associates for over 20 years.

From 2008 to 2011 we managed a team of employees and subcontractors to provide comprehensive biological surveys, reporting, and monitoring for the 231 mile section of the Ruby Pipeline project that is located in southwestern Wyoming and northern Utah.

Our Subcontractors on the Ruby Pipeline project were: Antelope Biological Consulting, Inc. Balance Environmental, LLC, Corvid Biological Services, Inc., InterWest Wildlife and Ecological Services, Inc., Mountain West Ecological Consulting, Inc. Western Ecological Services, Inc. and Wetland Resources, Inc.

ruby pipeline

The Ruby Pipeline in Western Wyoming and Utah

scare canyon

Ruby Pipeline Construction

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